How are Songwriters represented?

When a singwriter affiliates with a publishing company, the organization that the writer is affiliated with represents the right for music to be played in public.  Ruben Rodriguez Entertainment has a publishing company that is affiliated with each of the following Performance Rights Organizations:

ASCAP - Rex R Music - link to registration form

About ASCAP - Established in 1914, ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) is the first and leading U.S. Performing Rights Organization representing the world's largest repertory totaling over 8.5 million copyrighted musical works of every genre from more than 285,000 composer, lyricist and music publisher members.  ASCAP also represents the repertories created by the international affiliates of 90 foreign performing rights organizations.  ASCAP is the only American Performing Rights Organization owned and governed by its writer and publisher members. (

BMI - Ruby Rod Music - link to registration form

About BMI - BMI currently represents some 6.5 million compositions - a number that is constantly growing.  As a result, BMI has, over the years, sought out and implemented a number of technological innovations in it's continuing effort to gather the most accurate information available about where, when and how its members' compositions are used as well as ensuring that payment to those whose works have been performed is mafe in as precise and timely manner as possible.

SESAC - Car Glow Music - link to registration form

About SESAC - SESAC was founded in 1930, making it the second oldest performing rights organization in the United States. SESAC's repertory, once limited to European and gospel music, has diversified to include today's most popular music, including R&B/hip-hop, dance, rock classics, country hits, the best of Latina music, Conetemporary Christian, the coolest jazz, and television and film miusic of Hollywood's hottest composers.
SESAC's corporate headquarters in Nashville houses all of the company's divisions, from creative to licensing administration.  The company also has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and London. (