Interview with Recording Artist Josh Xantus

RECORD COMPANY:  M USA Entertainment

By Ruben Rodriguez


Who is your favorite Artist?
“My favorite artist would have to be Brian McKnight.  I just admire his way of approaching a song.   He's also an amazing musician.  I had an opportunity to perform for him on his radio station and that is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Where does your inspiration come from?
“I'm inspired by real life situations.  I tend to get ideas from hearing about the love and pain struggles that people go through in life.  I'm not saying that if I haven't experienced it I can't write about it, but I am saying that it's easier for me to create and be inspired by real situations. And my number one inspiration is my Mother the love that I have for her.  The love that she has for me inspires me to be better.”

Which artists have you collaborated with?
“I've been very blessed to work with platinum producers and artists some of who are Swizz Beatz, Jerry Wonda, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Ghost Face, Fantasia and many more.”

What is your most memorable moment?
“My most memorial moment was when I performed and sang for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.  Stevie spend over an hour with me and gave me the best compliment, he said I was amazing!”

What are some of your musical challenges?
“My musical challenge is to become better writer, performer, vocalist, musician (though I have skills) and obtain a bachelor in music.  I find myself constantly eager to learn more.  So every day I give myself challenges.”

What are your thoughts on the recording process as a whole?
“The recording process for me is a very special process.  I find myself writing the best when I'm alone and really late at night.  I love being in the studio so much that I recently opened up my own private studio and I basically live there.  I truly believe as a musician it's my job to constantly record, so I find myself creating at least 2 to 3 songs a day.”

How do you feel about touring and being out on the road?
“I love touring and going out on the road meeting my fans.  I love the way it feels when people sing my words as I'm performing.  All of these things add to the fuel of why I perform and chose to become an entertainer.  Touring is a great opportunity for me to give my fans a chance to learn who I am as a person as well as in artist.”

How has radio supported you?
“Radio is a great marketing tool to get your music out to the masses.  Luckily for me early, in my career I was embraced by radio with my first single “First Time”.  As an artist I will always be there for radio when they call.”

What should an artist look for in a manager?
“I think the most important thing for manager is to be able to connect with their artists.  You definitely want a manager that sees the long-term plan and knows how to really bring that to life and make a great career out of it.  You also want someone to fight for you and your vision that's super important.”

What is your main goal as an artist?
“My main goal is to get my music to the masses and make sure that I'm changing lives with my music.   As a musician I pride myself with creating music for my fans that they can relate to.”

Do you believe that merchandising is important?
“I think it's important as an artist to have merchandise at the show simply because you want your fans to leave with a piece of you after the show.  Every show I do I have T-shirts, CDs and posters. This way when they go home they have a piece of me with them.”

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